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Keeping Track of Your Submissions November 26, 2010

Now, I just love that title…keeping track of your submissions. How many times have you submitted today??? Okay – on with the post…

I recently blogged about freelance writing over at Inky Fresh Press. If you read any of the articles, I hope they were of help!

I thought I’d mention the submission tracking tool I use for my freelance writing. It’s not too fancy – which is fine as it’s easy to use, does what I need, and is free. Here’s the link: http://www.spacejock.com/Sonar3.html

Basically you can use this software to keep track of freelance markets (magazines, newspapers, etc.), as well as all of the articles you submit/write. When I first started using it – oh, around three months ago – I wasn’t sure I needed any kind of tracking tool at all. I figured I’d be fortunate enough to get an article or two out there, and could easily keep track of those.

Well, I’m super thrilled to report that as of this morning – I had definite use of the Sonar 3. As I was about to request 2011 editorial calendars from a couple of magazines…I realized I might have already done so. I checked my handy submission tool – and yep, I’d recently emailed one of the magazines. See – without that good old Sonar…I would’ve bothered an editor with a duplicate request. It’s never, never good to bother an editor.

The main reason I’m happy I had to rely on the tool – it meant I had enough queries out and articles accepted that solid organization was in order. That’s good news!

So – check it out. Again, it’s basic in appearance but really does meet your needs. At least when starting out as a freelance writer.