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Oh, You Shouldn’t Have… June 21, 2010

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Now this is fun.  Bryan over at the Time Guardian Blog was kind enough to give me a Versatile Blogger award.  I’m not fully sure why it’s called that…but hey, I’m happy my blog was so noted.   The way this works is I need to award the blog to fifteen other bloggers (see below), thank the person who gave me the award, and share with readers seven things about myself.  Ok.  I’m into introspection.  So here goes…

First, thank you so much to Bryan.  I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog and always appreciate the comments you leave here.

Seven Things About Me (other than that I live to write, eat chocolate and listen to Michael Buble of course).

1.  I ran my own (small) catering company back in college.  Catering by Catherine.  I took on gigs during breaks from college (holidays, summer), working from my parents’ home.  My then boyfriend, now hubby even tended bar at one of the parties I catered.  Guess we’ve always enjoyed working together.

2.  My husband and I owned a small bakery in Ann Arbor, Michigan before we moved to the Pacific NW.  Deda’s Bakery and Say Cheese Cheesecakes.  We hope to open our place out here, once the building in A2 is sold.

3.  I used to like Spam.  Past tense.  Hey, sometimes in life you make choices you’re not proud of.

4.  My super secret desire – like the kind that could never, ever come true – is to be an Olympic ice skater.  Um…I’ve never skated on ice in my life.  And yet, I dream about it all the time.

5.  When I was a kid, I would pretend I had my own cooking show (this was before the food network was big).  While cooking in our kitchen, I would talk to my ‘audience’ – explaining how to cook or bake whatever I was working on at the time.  I’d do that for just about every meal.  I had quite the following.  🙂  Years later, I had the opportunity to do cooking classes for several local places (back in Texas).  I did one at this fancy grocery store and if felt very much like having a show.  Cool.

6.  I’ve seen at least one of my guardian angels. Enough said.

7.  I saw Silence of the Lambs over twenty times (most of those in theater).

That was fun!

Now for fifteen other bloggers!

1.  Echoes of a Wayward Mind

2.  Anne Riley’s Blog

3.  Rachel Bateman

4. VR Barkowski (which would be the PERFECT name for a Private Investigator)

5. The Scribe Sisters

6. Writer Unboxed – there are actually several bloggers who contribute to this site.  I love their content…and the name of the blog.  Writer Unboxed.  Perfect.

7. Expatriate Games – Bethany is one funny gal.

8. OneFineMess – I like Andy’s attitude.  And he’s really putting himself out there…that takes courage.

9. I’d Type a Little Faster

10. Cassandra Jade in the Realm – I like blogs that have someone’s name in the title.  🙂

Ok – I should list 15…but I got 10.  So clearly, I need to find some more blogs to read!

Now – I visit the blogs above and let them know of their award.

Thanks again, Bryan!

P.S. – Do  you see how the award matches the colors on my blog?  Now, I love that.  I mean, I cannot express how much that appeals to my inner ARness.