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Branching Out… September 17, 2010

Quick update – still working on revisions with independent editor, Lisa Rector-Maass. Still amazed by her uncanny ability to read the hearts and minds of my characters. Still waiting for the day when my first novel is ready to send out (again).

Meanwhile – I decided to branch out a bit.

Partly fueled by the belief that I should have ‘something to show for the past year plus of work’, but primarily out of a desire to further improve my craft – I started writing nonfiction (articles mainly).  I wasn’t sure if I could easily transition between writing fiction and nonfiction, but so far things are looking good.  For the past few months, I’ve blogged for a local family magazine – Vancouver Family Magazine.  The editor gave me the opportunity to write an article for their print edition (comes out next month). Getting that assignment gave me the confidence to query a couple other local magazines and a local newspaper. Result – my first printed article appeared in the Columbian last Sunday.  A travel piece.   Another article is coming out next month for NW Kids, and I have a future piece lined up for that same magazine. 

Boy howdy! The hardest part was giving it a try.  Seems it was worth it – especially if this keeps up.

Moral of it all? Be open to any and all writing opportunities.  Doesn’t mean you have to say yes to everything – but if you keep an open mind, you never know what doors may open. 

Does it feel rather cool to get ‘paid’ for one’s writing?  Sure.  But more than that (honestly), it is validation.  Getting a thumbs up to your writing. Realizing that you may very well be witnessing your dreams come true.  Now that’s beyond cool.

I planned to blog about this in greater detail, but then another cool thing happened.  I received an email from another blogger.  I’m not going to mention who  – yet.  She asked if I’d like to submit a few guest posts to her site, gave me a few ideas, offered to consider some of my own.  She was open to the topic of ‘expanding one’s writing repertoire’, so that’s what I’m going to blog about on her site. Once I know when my posts go live, I’ll update everyone on the details.  But – isn’t that the greatest?  To have someone – someone you admire as a blogger/writer – reach out in that way?  I thought it was…

Okay, okay – as I double checked my post for errors, I realized something. I gotta come up with something other than ‘cool’.  Awesome? Fantastic?  Freakin’ Fabulous? Something that captures my allegiance to the 80s, but still expresses the extreme…uh…coolness of things.