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Put Yourself Out There April 3, 2010

In this section you will find a list of current or upcoming writing contests and blogfests.  I’ll do my best to keep the list current.  If you know of a contest or blogfest(maybe you’re hosting one yourself), please drop me a line and I’ll add it to the list.

Thanks, and happy writing!


Current Blogfests – updated!

Ooh, here’s one with a twist – the first ever (to my knowledge) HAIKU blogfest over at Hatshepsut

Get your FIGHT out at the Fight! Fight! Fight! blogfest.  Hosted by Fighter Writer (stress much??) 

 Past Blogfests – you know, in case you’re thinking of hosting your own and need some ideas.

Murder! Murder! Read all about it!  Or rather, write all about it at Anne Riley’s Murder Scene Blogfest

Nothing Good Ever Happens in a Bar.  You know, I like that line.  Might work that into my third novel (second one is already started).  Yeah, I’m gonna use that.  Ok – so this blogfest gives you the chance to write a scene that takes place in a bar.  So head on over to Secret Story  and enter her Bar Scene Blogfest.  Let the boozin’ begin!

Tell Me Something, Darlin’.  Just don’t use any words.  Now, this is one cool idea for a blogfest.  Over at Labotomy of a Writer (and with that kind of a name, you know the blogfest is going to be freakishly cool), you can enter the Body Language Blogfest.  Submit a scene that conveys whatever needs conveying without any spoken dialog.  Of course, my mind went directly to a possible sex scene – but hey, that’s the way it goes sometimes when I’m in ‘Joe Cooper mode’. 

Do people often tell accuse you of having to Get the Last Line In?  Then this is the blogfest for you…Lilah Pierce is hosting a Last Line Blogfest.  You can enter last lines of your novel, a chapter or a scene.  I already know the one I’m going to submit!

Sweet On You.  Now, my husband is a baker.  And a mighty good one at that…freshly baked Cafe Au Lait scones, Triple Threat Brownies, Chocolate Overload Cake – yeah, he’s good (and yeah, chocolate should be its own food group).  So this one speaks to me.  Only problem is – I can’t think of a single cooking or baking scene in my completed manuscript.  So, I’m going to have to go to my work-in-progress for this one.  It’s a YA paranormal, and there’s room for a baking scene because the book is big on family gatherings.  And what goes better with a family gathering than food?  Oh yeah, guess all the talking about scones and all….I forgot about the blogfest!  Check it out at My Writing Journey


Hmmm….maybe I should host a blogfest, too? 


One Response to “Put Yourself Out There”

  1. Iapetus999 Says:

    I am going to announce the date and open signups for my Bad Girl Blogfest later this week. 🙂
    (I need time to make a banner n stuff for it and figure out the Linky code)

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