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Plugging Away… June 13, 2011

I’ve been remiss. I’ve let my writing take second chair. Well, second chair (or first, for that matter) isn’t taken – it’s given. So the burden of responsibility rests solely on my shoulders. Oh, I’ve been writing – mainly for local magazines and blogs – but I consider that something other than “working on my novels”.

I could point to a couple of external factors – problems due to the concussion I received two years ago (just started therapy for that, finally) or my recent involvement in my son’s PTSA  (funny how when you’re cell deep in your novel, you almost forget you have a real, live family). And the editor I worked with is on hiatus until the fall. I love that word, hiatus. Sounds like something requiring surgery. I had my hiatus removed, so the doc said I can’t lift anything over twenty pounds.

So, I’ve been plugging away at my manuscript (the wonderous third draft you hear so much about), trying to apply what I learned working with said (amazing) editor to the other 300 pages. I will state this: my first fifty are solid! Um, I think.

Here are my goals for the summer – finish my revision. attend the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference , prepare for the  International Surrey Writers Conference (both manuscript and confidence-wise), lose ten pounds (nothing to do with writing, but still a worthwhile goal. On second thought, make that an even twenty).

And how, pray tell, do you plan to spend your summer? I’ll ask another way – what writing goals have you set? Please share!



2 Responses to “Plugging Away…”

  1. Summer is well under way. We just celebrated a ‘Despedida’ for Las Mujeres, our group of women writers. I am still celebrating by posting some pics (more on the way) on my blog, http://writingpatino.wordpress.com. Ummhmmm….which you so wisely shared with me way back then.

    My writing continues as I facilitate “Writing With Angels”, a writer’s group in our parish. We have a wonderful project at the moment. More on this later.

    And, because writers always benefit from ‘reflecting on our experiences’, I am putting the finishing touches to “Exploring Sacred Moments with Women of Heart, Faith and Hope” – 3 Saturdays of Reflection. Yes, we will do a ‘bit of writing’, but the focus is to gather as people of faith, eat, share, eat, reflect, eat, pray. I’d love to include some of your delicious and healthy dishes.
    One applicant wants very healthy food, so maybe there is a wonderful cook out there (YOU!) who will share great ideas.
    Go Green!!! Can you tell that I love your post. Congratulations on your success as a writer. Keep those great articles coming and I wish you well as you finish your novel.

    I’d love to attend the Pacific Conference too.
    This does not say it all, or maybe too much…but you can edit it!!!

  2. Cat!

    I hope to see you at the PNWA Conference this year. Thank you for sharing your goals. It just reminds me that Im not alone in this game. My writing goal is to be done with my story by fall. Im halfway there right now.


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