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Talk to Me… May 18, 2010

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This is my entry for the Le’ts Talk Blogfest over at Fiction Groupie.  It’s a  scene between Joe Cooper and Detective Grace Gutierrez.  They’ve flirted with each other for the past few chapters, but now it’s time to put their money where their mouths are.  Or maybe something other than money.

Minutes before this scene takes place, Joe and Grace were at the latest crime scene.  Both were focused on the victim, but also on each other.  Joe heads out to the medial examiner’s office, only to find Grace already there waiting for him.  This scene is serving as double duty – for the dialog blogfest and the recent flirting blogfest I didn’t enter. 

             I picked up my pace and arrived at the lab in minutes.  I headed to the autopsy room, figuring I could make quick work of my examination.  I turned the corner, and then stopped.  Pacing the hallway was one Detective—stacked, racked and looking straight at me.

            “Gutierrez.”  I walked in her direction.  “Couldn’t wait for the results of my examination?”

            She leaned against the wall, hands folded in front.  She shook her head, then said, “Something about this whole situation doesn’t feel right.”

            “And what situation would that be?”

            She looked up at me, and her eyes closed the slightest bit.  “The murders, of course.”


            “What did you think I meant?”

            “You tell me, Detective.”

            She laughed, then looked away.  “I thought I might view the autopsy.”

            This was new.  And while I was intrigued, this examination called for a solo performance.

           “Why are you really here?”

            Her breath quickened.

            I moved closer, put my hand on her jaw and gently turned her to face me.  “Why are you really here, Grace?  Hmmm?”

            I sensed her heat, smelled her scent—musky, and sweet like almost ripe cherries.  She tried to turn her face away; I wouldn’t let her.

            “I don’t know.”

            “I think you do.”  I leaned in and kissed her, easy at first.   Her lips had a salty-sweetness that made me want to taste more.

            She murmured something.

            “Say again.”

            “I don’t…I’m not sure.”

            I kissed her again, harder, and her body become less rigid.  I teased her mouth open with my tongue and felt her lips quiver.  I kissed her lower lip, biting down just enough to make her feel it.  She moaned and suddenly thrust her tongue in my waiting mouth.  We kissed, deep and hard.  I heard her heart beat faster, felt the heat of her skin, picked up the scent of her desire growing stronger. 

            Suddenly, she broke free of our kiss and pushed me away. 

            She put her arms back in front of her and said, “I can’t do this.”

            I leaned back in and kissed her again, this time starting with her neck.  Her pulse quickened, and her arms fell to her side.  I put my hand on her back and pulled her closer, feeling the curves of her body, and the firmness of her breasts against my chest.  I ran my other hand down the curve of her hip, to the top of her thigh. 

            She pushed me away.  “I can’t do this.  I’m sorry, Joe.  I just can’t.”

            I stepped back.  Sure, I wanted her.  And yeah, I could’ve turned on that hypnotic charm and sealed the deal.  But that would be an unnecessary use of power.  And there was another body, behind that door, that needed my touch a tad more than she did. 

           I reached out to her, tilted her chin up, and said, “Darling, if you don’t like playing with fire, don’t light a match.”

            She looked at me, then turned around and walked off. 

            I watched her leave, then turned around and opened the door to the autopsy room.


4 Responses to “Talk to Me…”

  1. Amalia T. Says:

    I love when he says “say again.” I can picture that moment in the kiss perfectly. Nice!

  2. Juanita Says:

    Ooooh sexy. Kind of disturbing… kissing with a dead guy in the next room haha.

  3. Tara Says:

    “stacked, racked and looking straight at me” – Love it! Sizzling and nice tension.

  4. Myne Whitman Says:

    Came to check out your hook line blogfest entry. This is good too. The link will take you to mine.


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