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Nothing to Complain About… January 6, 2010

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A blog in which I rant about not having anything to rant about.

I’m rather fortunate.  Blessed, in all truth.  In 2009, I decided to follow a decades-long dream and become a writer.  I’d been a writer before – but never of fiction.  And boy, is the transition from writing nonfiction to fiction a huge one!  I’ve had rather positive experiences with my “writer’s life” so far, but the true reason I feel so very fortunate — my family.

From day one, my family has shown support in so many ways — encouragement, story ideas, peace and quiet time so I could write….you name it, they’ve probably done it.  And to give full credit where due, my husband is the one who finally convinced me I should ignore my fears and give in to my desire to write.  Support has come from other places, too.  My Mom’s constant praise and encouragement, my neigbors’ enthusiasm to have a ‘real writer’ in the neighborhood, even the electrician who wired and installed our ceiling fans.  Yes, I talk about my writing to everyone.  And so far, not one person has shook his head or questioned my sanity (not to my face, at least).  All have asked about my novel, offered to read it, shared their love of books…basically, convinced me that this endeavor was only ever possibly foolish to one person and one person alone – me.  But a life of not taking risks tends to do that to a person.  And writing very much involves risk-taking.  Which is not a bad thing.

Back to my lack of things to complain about, though…

I often come across comments in blogs that suggest many beginning writers do not have such positive experiences.  The comments suggest that the writer is anything but satisfied with how things are going – from their lack of finding an agent to lack of finding a publisher to lack of finding anything positive to say about any aspect of their experiences.  And I know some writers are not as fortunate to have such a strong support system in place.  Still, it seems a few writers — especially those new to the life — are simply, and forever, unhappy.  Not me. 

I wrote a novel last year.  My first one.  Is it great?  Of course not – certainly not yet.  Is it good?  Parts are, I think.  Does it have potential?  I believe it does, given some of the responses I’ve received.  Enough potential that there is at least one agent out there open to reading it again.  One agent who was kind enough to take the time to give me feedback on my work.  And another agent who is also waiting for the revised manuscript.  I’m going to work with a developmental editor this month on my manuscript.  That should be quite the adventure…and one I’ll blog about over the next few weeks.  All in all, I feel things are heading in the right direction.  Meaning, forward.  Not that I mind taking a step or two backwards, but so long as I’m improving as a writer and continuing to put those voices in my head down on paper….well, that’s moving forward to me.

And about those agents…sometimes some of those posts I mentioned above suggest agents aren’t nice.  Or that they’re even mean-spirited.  I’ve honestly not found that to be the case at all.  Any agent I’ve come into contact with has been polite/kind/encouraging/helpful/a regular person (i.e. approachable).  Guess that’s just another thing I can’t complain about.

So — looking forward to 2010…revision of my manuscript.  Probably major, which is fine.  I would rather be working than not.  Family support strong, attitude positive, complaints — zero.

Happy Writing!



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