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Time Out… December 10, 2009

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I took a self-imposed time-out from (almost) all things Internet for three weeks.  Other than some Christmas shopping and checking email, I tried to ignore the siren call of my notebook.  Most days, my willpower stayed strong.  I spent more time with my family – celebrating Thanksgiving, a birthday (and another one coming up), simply enjoying other aspects of my life. 

I’ll never do that again!

Seriously, while the first week was fine…by week three my world felt upside down.  The characters in my head quickly traveled the stages of disbelief.  First it was the “oh, she’ll be right back.  She’s probably just out getting ideas for more stories.”  They moved on to “I suppose she’s due time with her ‘real’ family.  It is the holidays after all.”  Last week, it was “What the hell?  You think she’s purposely tuning us out?  And after all we’ve done for her.”  Joe was especially choice in his words.  “Some dame, that one.” 

Well, when Joe started to turn on me…I knew I had to stop.  So, I’m back.  Posting here first, then on to catching up on several blogs I like to follow.  And then the big one – working on the second Joe Cooper novel.  Oh, I’ve not let that one go to the wayside.  I said I stayed away from my notebook…but I could never stay away from Joe! 

This little time-out experiment did give me the opportunity to realize that balance in life is everything.  While I was busy working on my first novel, Set ‘Em Up, Joe, my focus remained on my writing.  Even when I was away from my notebook, I was not away from my story.  I carried a digital recorder and notepads everywhere.  Really – on errands, at the gym, to dinner.  My family put up with me, but I could tell there were times they wanted my full attention.  And they had it…for the past three weeks.  But I can’t hold out any longer…so now, the key is to figure out a way to work on my stories and be fully ‘there’ in those moments with my family. 

Any suggestions??