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It’s Print Worthy! (o.k. – just as a draft) September 9, 2009

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Yeah, not really.  The first revision was done on screen – I knew the manuscript wasn’t ready to print.  It wasn’t print-worthy, I guess!  Second revision – I set the margins to 1″, put a fresh stack of paper in the printer, took a deep breath and hit print.  Then, I read it in three sittings – making notes as needed.  If I noticed a plot hole, I put a big circle in the margin.  A scribbled VOICE in the margins meant I’d slipped out of the voice of the character and needed to rewrite that part.  Anything underlined meant I could find a much better way of saying that specific sentence or paragraph.  And if something didn’t make sense, I made note of that, too.  Then I placed all my chapters on the table (see Revision Central) and went chapter by chapter, making changes.

Tomorrow I will change the line spacing to 1 1/2 , print and do another read.  This way it will look more like a book and less like a term paper!  I plan to read it in two sittings, again noting any changes that need to be made. 

What I’ve learned in the revision process thus far is that you never get things right the first time.  Or the second.  Or third – you get the idea.  At some point you really do have to stop revising long enough to send your work out for others to read  – and then once they give you feedback you can make more changes!  Another thing I learned – practice does make you better.  The second half of my manuscript required much less work than my first.  Proof – at least for me – that the more you write, the more you learn – and hopefully, the more you apply what you learn. 

Happy Writing!


2 Responses to “It’s Print Worthy! (o.k. – just as a draft)”

  1. I cringe when printing things out — all those trees. It’s so ungreen. (I’m part Oregonian at heart and made an offering of my firstborn to Portland*). But what a world of difference it makes to see real paper.

    *LOL — Like I had anything to do with or say about that career move.

  2. justwritecat Says:

    I hear you, Sharon! We moved from Michigan to Washington less than a year ago. We can recycle
    everything here, although my husband wants to keep the draft I printed.

    And we love Portland – go there all the time (we live across the bridge).

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