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Revision Central September 2, 2009

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I’ve set up a command central of sorts in a downstairs room.   I prefer to write in my office, but the room isn’t big enough for current purposes.  So this is what I’m doing…my hubby set up a large table so I can spread out my manuscript by chapter.  The editor I am working with suggested I send him a brief synopsis – just a couple of lines per chapter.  I’m in the process of doing just that – going chapter by chapter.  By having each chapter in its own little pile, I can get a birds eye view of the entire story.  See where the holes are…which is harder to do when  you are reading the entire manuscript in one sitting.  I’ve done a read-through of the manuscript, making notes in the margins/changing words/whatever else is needed.  I will go back and make the changes on the file later.

By working in another room I think I may get a different perspective – a change of scenery and what not – which is always helpful when doing revision work.  Plus, the doors are almost soundproof – another plus when you have two energetic boys running around.

The read-through proved incredibly helpful.  I found several spots where my voice slipped – or rather, the voice of my main character.  I would not have noticed that (obviously I didn’t when I wrote those parts) had I not printed out the manuscript and done a solid read-through.  Printing out 300 plus pages (I set the margins to 1″) was quite the experience.  I felt like I was back working on my Master’s, but this time I was enjoying the work – ha!

So today- setting up the chapters on the table and looking at the big picture, also working on a chapter by chapter synopsis for the editor.  This should also help when I work on the synopsis to send the agent.

Have a fantastic day…enjoy the remaining days of summer!


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