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I’ve Done it Now… August 24, 2009

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Spent the day on my notebook – ten thousand words, in one day.  Whew.  But the first draft of my manuscript is DONE!  Done, done, done.  And ready for revision.  🙂 

My plan is to go back and add some setting here and there, make quick edits and then put it away for a week.  Then…I start working with an editor, chapter by chapter, page by page, word by word. 

I know I have tons of revision to do, but having a “real” first draft is an incredible feeling.  Something to hold in your hands, something that can be taken apart and put back together again (with no cracks showing, one hopes).    I’m looking forward to the revision part of the process…I’ll let you know how it goes.  And what it’s like to work with an editor. 

As I was writing the last few scenes, I did have this “oh crap moment” where I wasn’t sure how things would end.  I had an ending – outlined and all, even a part of the scene written.  But then something funny happened on the way to my ending – and it had to change.  Not too much, but enough that I had to stop and really think about my choices.  This is the first in a (hopefully) five book series, so I had to consider how things would play out.  I wanted to wrap up this story, but set things up so there was still some tension to carry my readers to the next story.  Tie up the loose ends, but keep a couple of threads dangling…and I think I did that.  If not – that is part of the purpose of revision!

Happy Sunday and Good Writing.


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