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Killing It Softly… August 18, 2009

Filed under: Where Did That Come From??,Writing — justwritecat @ 4:13 am

Had to kill my first character.  I knew it had to happen, I’d planned for it, knew the how and whys of it.  Still, it hurt to say good-bye.  I even cried a little near the end.  This was not necessarily a major character, but major enough that her demise gave me pause.  It’s funny how your characters become so real.  Almost as if you think you can pick up the phone, give them a call, maybe have a drink with them…

What do they tell psychiatrists?  Keep a safe distance, remain objective, don’t get personally involved.  Guess that would be good advice for writers, too.  Or maybe not, maybe by getting that involved we can be more true in what we write.   More true to our characters.  Then their voices come out, not ours.  I sometimes feel like I am therapist to my characters.  They tell me their problems, their desires, their fears, what pushes their buttons.  And I use it.  I use it all, if possible.  Hmmm….good thing there’s not some sort of confidentiality agreement you have to sign with your characters! 

Someone else has gotta go.  Soon, I think…as the story is drawing to a close.  Maybe two more, but I haven’t decided yet.  It’s an unsettling sort of power.


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