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Revision, revision, re-vision July 19, 2009

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Worked on revising first chaper today.  I plan on submitting the first three pages of chapter one at the upcoming PNWA conference.  Figured I should stop working on current chapter (12) and work on line by line revision of work already completed.  I submitted my first chapter to an online critique group – http://sff.onlinewritingworkshop.com/ and received two reviews.  Both were helpful.  One suggested I cut back on the verbiage in places, which mirrored feedback from someone at the local writers’ support group.  Hard to delete some of those lines…you start to feel like they are a part of you.  But they’re not, your character is – and if he needs to say less to get the point across, then he says less.  Very happy with the revision.  Have to see what others say of the “new, tighter lines”.  Happy writing, everyone!


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