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Begin the beginning… July 19, 2009

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So I’ve decided to become a writer – and this time I mean it!  I even created a blog and everything – how much more serious can I be?  O.k. – in the past I really only thought about writing a book.  First it was a book for children (when I had my first child), but other than writing a short story that was only seen by family, nothing came of my desire.  Guess it wasn’t really a desire yet – just a “what if”.  Second time – I was tired of working on my dissertation and wanted to write something that was – well, less academic.  Something someone would actually want to read.  The demons of doubt (they exist and it takes more than holy water to get rid of those  nasty things) made their appearance – and again, the idea was shelved.  And then finally, it happened.  It all came together – the desire, the (slightly) higher level of confidence and the time to actually follow through.  And so it began…and so it begins…Just Write Cat.

This blogsite is dedicated to my brother.  Everytime I read the name of my blog, I hear his voice saying  “just do it, Cat.  Just Write.”  Thank you, Steven.


5 Responses to “Begin the beginning…”

  1. Cat, I can hear and see Steven as he encourages you to keep on writing and following your inspiration!
    I am so glad that you returned to the writer’s group and know it will a source of support for each of you.
    This is the time!

    • justwritecat Says:

      Thank you so much for your support, Mom! And welcome, you are my first visitor to my new blog!

  2. Tia Borlotes Says:

    I haven’t met you, but if you are anything like your mom…I know I will like you! You have inspired me to start writing again…I recently finished my dissertation and got that PhD this May and I am stuck. Not many words are coming out to go on paper. I say I am in the process of healing…from the diss…and I think it is going to take longer than I expected, but you inspire me to get started again.

    Tia Borlotes

    • justwritecat Says:

      Thank you, Tia! Good for you…earning your PhD is such an amazing accomplishment. You should be so very proud of all your efforts and determination.

      Your comments really touched me…if I can inspire anyone to write, well then…life is good. Cat

  3. writingpatino Says:

    Good Morning! For a writer, cloud nine or ten sounds impressive! Congratulations on your success in participating at the Writers Conference!

    Your information about Query Letters is very helpful. Thanks!

    Keep on writing!

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